Electric Scooter EMOVE Cruiser Orange Front View
Electric Scooter EMOVE Cruiser White Side View
Electric Scooter EMOVE Cruiser Black Front View
Electric Scooter EMOVE Cruiser Orange Rear View
EMOVE Cruiser Unfolded Dimensions Electric Scooter
EMOVE Cruiser Folded Electric Scooter Dimensions
EMOVE Cruiser Best Electric Scooter St Kilda Melbourne
EMOVE Cruiser Best Electric Scooter Black Rock Melbourne
EMOVE Cruiser best Electric Scooter Port Melbourne Melbourne
EMOVE Cruiser Best Electric Scooter South Melbourne
EMOVE Cruiser Best Electric Scooter Melbourne
EMOVE Cruiser Electric Scooter Headlight
EMOVE Cruiser Best Electric Scooter Front Brake
EMOVE Cruiser Electric Scooter Key Ignition Voltmeter Extra Security
EMOVE Cruiser Best Electric Scooter Horn Lights Turn Signals
EMOVE Cruiser Best Electric Scooter Rear Brake Motor Suspension
EMOVE Cruiser Electric Scooter Tail Lights Brake Lights
EMOVE Cruiser Best Electric Scooter Black Rear View
EMOVE Cruiser Electric Scooter Black Profile View
EMOVE Cruiser Best Electric Scooter Orange Profile View
EMOVE Cruiser Best Electric Scooter White Front View
EMOVE Cruiser Electric Scooter White Rear View
EMOVE CRUISER (2021) Electric Scooter - 52V 1000W/1600W Dual Suspension, Foldable

EMOVE CRUISER (2021) Electric Scooter - 52V 1000W/1600W Dual Suspension, Foldable

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Quite simply, the best electric scooter in the world. There are many reasons why this electric scooter is loved by so many. The EMOVE Cruiser is everything that you want in a commuter e-scooter, and more. It's built to last. It's built for comfort and safety. And it's built for long range travel - up to 100 REAL WORLD KILOMETRES on a single charge.

Available for a test ride in Melbourne (also Sydney)

2021 Cruiser Upgrades (ALL EcoMotion Cruiser stock feature the latest upgrades)

  • 1000W motor upgrade: 20% increase in top speed (Higher top speed - up to 50km/h - depending on rider's profile)
  • 21700 battery cells: More capacity in each individual cell, but overall battery pack size is still the same at 30AH.
  • Default round T-bars.

NOW IN STOCK - Melbourne, Enjoy Your Freedom! 

Cruiser - Half Fender - orange

This foldable, high-speed electric kick scooter is definitely only for adults. It's available in 3 colours: Orange, White, Matte Black..... and now PURPLE. 

IPX6 Water-Resistance Rating 

Built to get you through a wet Melbourne winter, the EMOVE Cruiser is one of only a few electric scooters with an IPX6 Water-Resistance Rating

Cruiser - half fender - black - profile

Max load capacity is 160kg. 

EMOVE Cruiser electric scooter comes with dual suspension - front spring suspension and rear air suspension - for a comfortable ride.


Tubeless pneumatic, car-grade tyres means provide superior grip, safety and comfort.

No more inner tube bursting in the middle of your ride. And no more oily sealant covering your motor. And while they're more likely to survive nasty potholes, tubeless pneumatic tyres also allow for fast and simple plug repairs in the event you do get a puncture. Why compromise with the tyres on your electric scooter?

EMOVE Cruiser at Black Rock, Melbourne. (c) EcoMotion Electric Scooters


The quality LG brand 52V battery is a massive 30AH, meaning EMOVE Cruiser riders can travel 100 kilometres on a single charge. 100 REAL WORLD KILOMETRES - INDEPENDENTLY TESTED (by many). The heart of the EMOVE Cruiser electric scooter is backed up by a reputable battery manufacturer; with state-of-the-art ISO Certified manufacturing facilities, not like the cheap Chinese batteries used by many of our competitors. 

EMOVE Cruiser St Kilda Pier. (c) EcoMotion Electric Scooters


If you are a short-distance electric scooter commuter, who travels a few kilometres a day, expect your battery charge to last you for weeks. Actual weeks.

But the best thing about the Cruiser's battery and range is that you can travel and explore with confidence that your EMOVE Cruiser electric scooter can go the distance. No need to stop and find somewhere to charge, then wait while you re-juice. Whether it's for exploration or running errands throughout the day, with the EMOVE Cruiser electric scooter, range anxiety is a thing of the past.

Voltmeter and Key Ignition

Now comes with a Voltmeter and power/locking key, for extra security.

Handlebar Folds Easily


Convenient for Storage


Fits inside your car boot easily. Carry up a flight of stairs. Tuck it under your table or desk. Keep it in your room. The portability empowers a new kind of freedom.

EMOVE Cruiser Wide Deck for Comfort and Security


Wide standing deck provides safety, balance and unrivalled comfort. No more cramping up on short or narrow electric scooter decks.

EMOVE Cruiser 2020


Voro Motors under-promise and over-deliver on the top speed specs. Advertised at 45 kilometres per hour, but there are plenty of reviews saying they are going faster. The EMOVE Cruiser has the strongest motor in its class. Upgraded in 2021 to 1000W nominal power/1600W peak. 

Peak 1600W Rear Motor

TAME THE BEAST - Dual Hybrid Hydraulic Brakes

New front and rear hybrid hydraulic brakes for stronger braking power.

Front & Rear Hybrid Hydraulic Brakes


If you are comparing electric scooters in the same price range, there is no doubt the EMOVE Cruiser crushes all competition. Look carefully at the specs, especially the battery. 30AH battery is 3x the size of all competitors' battery size at this price class.

EMOVE Cruiser 2020 Port Melbourne (c) EcoMotion Electric Scooters


Tough folding mechanism stem. Most common bike lock types will fit the EMOVE Cruiser. Tight and durable stem, feel safe going at high speed.

EMOVE Cruiser Unfolded Dimensions

EMOVE Cruiser Folded Dimensions

THROTTLE Options - Choose Your Accelerator

Whatever your accelerator setup preference, the EMOVE Cruiser has you covered. Upgrade the standard trigger throttle to either a thumb throttle or a twist throttle. Plug and play means you can change throttles in a few minutes.

Twist and Thumb Throttle Options for the EMOVE Cruiser

Seat Option 

Seat option is now available for the EMOVE Cruiser 

Seat option fitted to EMOVE CruiserSeat option (clamp) for EMOVE Cruiser

Kiddy Bar Accessory

Add a kiddy bar the the stem to provide a firm holding point for a child riding with an adult.  

Hear it from other EMOVE riders in the EMOVE Owners Club

Facebook - EMOVE Owners Club


Detailed Specifications of the EMOVE Cruiser Electric Scooter


Brushless DC Motor
Nominal Watt: 1000W
Peak Power Output: 1,600W

Colour Orange, White, Matte Black & Purple options
Range (Real World) 100km (62 miles)
Battery Type 52V 30AH LG Battery with Battery Management System Protection
Speed 45-50 km per hour
Type of Tyres 10'' Pneumatic Tubeless Car Grade Tyres for Front and Rear (2.7" wide)
Brakes Front and Rear XTECH Hydraulic Brakes
Climbing Ability 10 degree - Based on 68Kg/150lbs rider
Type of Lights Front headlight, Front sidelights, Rear brake lights and Turn signal lights.
Controller 25A
Speed Limiter By default, your EMOVE Cruiser does not have a speed limiting wire. You can choose to set it via the P8 setting here
Cruise Control Yes, P6 Setting from the LCD Display
Kickstand Yes
Seat Option Yes

Finger Throttle (standard). 
Twist Throttle and Thumb Throttle upgrade options available.

Suspension Front Dual Suspension and Rear Air Shock Suspension
Water Resistant Rating IPX6
LCD Display Yes
Maximum Load Capacity 160Kg/352lbs
Nett Weight 23Kg/52Lbs
Unfolded Dimensions 121cm x 25cm x 118cm (LxWxH)
Folded Dimensions 124cm x 25cm x 40cm (LxWxH)
Charging Time 9 to 12 hours
User Manual Download User Manual HERE
P0 to P9 LCD Display Guide Check out the blog post HERE
What is in the package? 1 x AUS-Standard Charging Adapter, 1x User Manual
Warranty 1-year limited warranty that covers against manufacturing defects.


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