EMOVE Roadrunner - profile
EMOVE Roadrunner - Dimensions (profile)
EMOVE Roadrunner - Dimensions (Front)
Roadrunner Handlebars and Cockpit
Roadrunner Swappable Battery
Handlebar Position 01 - High
Handlebar Position 02 - Mid
Handlebar Position 03 - Low
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EMOVE Roadrunner

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EMOVE Roadrunner

The all new EMOVE Roadrunner ushers in the next generation of electric scooters. Dual-geared motors deliver incredible torque, horsepower and efficiency. With a swappable battery with 80km range on each battery

Range 80km 
Top Speed 56 km/h
Tyre size 14 inches Tubed Tyres
Battery 48V 26.1 Ah - swaps out in 10 seconds
Nominal Power Rear 500W, Front 350W
Brakes XTech hydraulic Front & Rear
Weight 25 kg
Max Load 150 kg
Charging time 12 Hours per Battery
Dimensions 127cm long x 81.3cm high x 63.5 cm wide (handlebars)
Handlebar dimensions 25.4mm x 22.2mm x 600mm
Colour Matte Black
Seat Memory Foam Racer Edition
Charger 54.6V 3A
Units of measure Miles (only). Kilometres is not available

 Switch between Handlebar Position

Suit All Riding Styles

Adjustable handlebars mean you can switch between low and fast, or sit tall for cruising. It's perfect for commuting, weekends exploring and everything in between

Roadrunner Cockpit

Intelligent Dashboard

Anti-glare LCD display. Ergonomic rubber handgrips and a thumb throttle which doesn't cause riding fatigue, and keeps your fingers free for braking. 

Built for Comfort

Memory foam seat is highly adaptable and soft, providing ultimate support and comfort. Twin hydraulic shocks at the front soaks up the bumps. 

ABS Braking Switch

Typically found only in the super-scooter class range, dial the ABS Braking Switch on to prevent your wheels from locking up and skidding when braking.

Zero-Play Folding Handlebars

From the manufacturer of the popular xtasy handlebars.

Re-juice in 10 seconds

Swap out your battery in just a few seconds to add ANOTHER 80km to the range of the EMOVE Roadrunner.

Light the Way

A bright (280 Lumens) front headlight and rear safety lights help you see, and be seen, so you can ride the streets with confidence.

For commuters, thrill seekers, and everyone else.

The original EMOVE Roadrunner brings power, agility and spirit to the everyday rider. With its adjustable handlebar and a suspension tuned for handling most terrains - This versatile seated electric scooter delivers un-rivaled sportiness and dynamics.

Test Rides Now Available.

Unboxing Video by "Wrong Way":

 Unboxing, Setup & Free Spin Acceleration video by "Vrooomin".