EcoMotion is a mobile, Melbourne reseller of high-quality electric scooters, including the EMOVE Cruiser and EMOVE Touring. The electric scooters carried in the EcoMotion product range are the best in their class, and are highly regarded for safety, reliability, quality and customer service.

EcoMotion provides personal commuting and micro mobility solutions and leisure experiences which are more economical, environmentally friendly, convenient and fun than cars, public transport and bikes.


EcoMotion opened in July 2020 as people seek alternative means to commute to and from work, and to move about Melbourne, as we come out the other end of the Coronavirus pandemic.

EcoMotion does not have a traditional retail shop front, but is much more than just an online store. EcoMotion is mobile physical presence, providing test rides at customers' own home or work

As an authorised reseller, EcoMotion also provides ongoing warranty support, servicing and repairs to our customers.


Contact us anytime at info@ecomotion.com.au, or from 8am - 8pm on 0408 966 911 .

EMOVE Cruiser, Port Melbourne

EcoMotion - Moving People