FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs - EcoMotion Business & Services

Q. Is there an EcoMotion store or shopfront I can visit?

A. EcoMotion is a mobile, van-based business. We are based in St Kilda, so are handy to Melbourne's bayside suburbs, but we come to you right across Melbourne and Geelong - for test rides, sales & service pick-ups! So while we do offer a pick-up service for purchases, there is no traditional shop-front where you can browse. This enables EcoMotion to keep our costs down and provides an increased convenience for our customers, with a pick-up and drop off service available for repairs.

Q. Are there any other EMOVE or NAMI Burn-E resellers in Melbourne?

A. EcoMotion is the exclusive reseller in Victoria, Australia for the EMOVE Cruiser, EMOVE Touring & NAMI Burn-E. EcoMotion works with the Australian Distributor in bringing these hand-selected scooters to Melbourne and Victorian customers.

Q. What happens if EcoMotion goes out of business? Can I still get spare parts and warranty support in Melbourne?

Rest assured, there is a queue of Victorian resellers wanting to sell these scooters. So if "something happened" to EcoMotion, any number of resellers will continue to sell and service these popular scooters. Spare parts are also available via the (Sydney-based) Australian distributor, Electromotion. That said, please be assured that EcoMotion has every intention of flourishing and continue to service Melbourne throughout the EScooter revolution, for may years to come. 

 Q. Can you fix my puncture/flat or change the tyre on my scooter?

A. At this stage, EcoMotion only services and repairs the scooters which we sell. We do stock a range of generic spare parts, tyres and inner tubes, which you can view on our website. We can possibly also put you in touch with someone who can perform the repair.

EcoMotion also stocks Armor-Dilloz Military-Grade Tyre sealant. While it's primarily used as a preventative measure, Armor-Dilloz can also be used to quickly repair some punctures, primarily in tubeless tyres.  

FAQs - Legal

Q. Is it legal to ride an electric scooter in my State?

A. The laws for electric scooter use vary from state to state. Being a Melbourne/Victorian based reseller, all information at ecomotion.com.au reflects the laws in Melbourne

It is legal to sell and purchase electric scooters in all Australian states, as well as ride them on private property. 

Please visit the page we have dedicated to the legal status of electric scooters in Melbourne and Victoria.

FAQs - Shipping

Q. Can you ship scooters to New Zealand? How much?

We can ship electric scooters to pretty much anywhere in Australia, and New Zealand. In order to provide a quote for New Zealand shipping, we will require the specific delivery address, as well as details of which scooter you want shipped. Email info@ecomotion.com.au for a shipping quote.