REVIEW: Electric Scooter Guide - EMOVE Touring (2020)

An in depth (~19 mins) video review of the EMOVE Touring by the ultimate independent, unbiased global authority on electric scooters, Electric Scooter Guide.

Chuck Temple and the ESG team test and rate the EMOVE Touring across performance, portability, trunk test, ride quality, build quality, drop test, safety, customer service, pros/cons and "who's it for".

"The most comfortable scooter (at the price point), period" - Chuck Temple

UPDATES: Note that since this review was filmed, the EMOVE Touring from EcoMotion now has received the following upgrades, as standard:

  • Plug and play cables - Replace components easily.
  • New front light.
  • New horn system (bell remains).The bell AND an electric horn,
  • 12 month warranty.
  • The "reflector" on rear fender is now a LIGHT (with additional Brake Light).
  • Round T-Bar on Handlebars (previously they were square).
  • Additional dual front spring suspension.
  • Upgraded LG battery - 48V 13AH.
  • Adjustable folding mechanism to reduce stem play.
  • Longer deck length by 1" provides additional stability and comfort.

See how well it fares against the competitors, then book a test ride., or ORDER TODAY, for delivery across Melbourne tomorrow (Delivery takes a bit longer for regional Victoria, or elsewhere in Australia).

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