Armor-Dilloz - Military Grade Ultra Premium Tyre Sealant (Red = Maximum Effect or Blue = Extreme)
Armor-Dilloz (red) Military Grade Tyre Sealant
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Armor-Dilloz - Military Grade Ultra Premium Tyre Sealant (Red = Maximum Effect or Blue = Extreme)

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RED Armor-Dilloz (MAXIMUM EFFECT) - Suitable for any vehicle which operates up to 48km/h (30mp/h)

BLUE Armor Dilloz (EXTREME) - Suitable for all vehicles, including speeds exceeding 48kmh/30mph - insane performance at extreme speeds. Enhanced to help with TUBE TYRES.

Developed for the military, this is the product to use when performance counts. 

Now available in Australia.

Armor-Dilloz incorporates an extremely high ballistic fiber load, high-tech suspension, wetting agents, an extremely high load of variable particle size rubber platelets, and significant amounts of corrosion inhibitors to protect your tyres and wheels. 

  • Rapidly seals large punctures.
  • Rapidly seals slow leaks (leaks due to the tyre’s natural porosity, around the valve stem, etc.).
  • Single treatment lasts the life of the tyre.
  • Does not separate into a watery mess.
  • Water washable.
  • Non-flammable.
  • Non-toxic.
  • Tyres can still be repaired.
  • Freeze protected.
  • Does not react with or damage tyres.
  • Does not react with or damage steel or aluminum wheels.
  • Seals ~95% of punctures in the tread area of most tyres.
  • Seals ~70% of tread area punctures on tyres with inner tubes.
  • Even seals sidewall punctures.

The Invincible Tyre

Blended and bottled in the USA at the Armor-Dilloz headquarters in Miami, Florida.

Using advanced sealant technology created for the military, Armor-Dilloz is the world’s most incredible tyre sealant.  Incorporating a ballistic fiber web technology along with rubber platelets that vary in size, the formula creates a web of rubber filled fibers, forming a solid physical plug in the tyre which is both able to plug very large punctures & is durable enough to serve as a solution that will allow you to continue to safely and reliably operate your device, even with many punctures or extremely large punctures.

Although they created this product specifically for the Onewheel, where it has been proven to seal punctures up to ½ inch in these relatively thin and delicate tyres, this product is their highest level of protection from punctures, and is suitable for all types of vehicles.  This level of performance is unrivaled by any competing product.

Safe and highly effective in both tube and tubeless tyres

As with all sealants, the performance will typically be lower in tube type tyres, as their delicate rubber simply doesn’t allow for a lot of abuse.  Note that failures on tube seams, as well as cuts/tears of the tube, such as a pinched tube, are often not sealable by any sealant including ours. A patch kit is recommended for these cases.


Safety First! Always wear personal protective gear, especially eye protection.  Do not eat, drink, or wear as clothing in public.

  1. Depress inner pin of valve to remove air from tyre.
  2. Remove valve core from stem, using included tool.
  3. Snip 2-3mm off of tip of Armor-Dilloz bottle
    (NB: start with less, then cut off more if you need. The tip needs to fit inside the valve).
  4. Insert Armor-Dilloz bottle nozzle into valve stem, gently squeeze recommend amount (see chart) into tyre (squeeze and release repeatedly until correct amount is in tyre)
  5. Reinstall valve into stem.
  6. Inflate tyre to riding pressure.


  • Inflate tyre to +10 PSI over your normal operating pressure (Except where this may exceed max tyre pressure rating), and then deflate tyre to riding pressure.

How Much to Use?

  • EMOVE Touring (8") - 2oz (60 ml) per tyre (front tyre only)
  • EMOVE Cruiser (10") - 3.5oz (103.5 ml) per tyre.
  • NAMI Burne-E (11") - 4oz (120ml)
  • Fiido Q1S (12") - 4 oz (120ml)
  • Other 8.5" tyre = 2.5 Oz (74ml) per tyre.
 Tyre Size (inches) oz ml
5.5" 1 oz 30 ml
6" 1.5 oz 45 ml
6.5" 1.5 oz 45 ml
8" (EMOVE Touring) 2 oz 60 ml
8.5" 2.5 oz 75 ml
9" 3 oz 90 ml
10" (EMOVE Cruiser) 3.5 oz 105 ml
11" (NAMI Burne-E) 4 oz 120 ml
12" (Fiido Q1S) 4 oz 12 0ml
13" 6 oz 180 ml
14" 8 oz 240 ml
15" 8 oz 240 ml

Order your EcoMotion Electric Scooter Pre-Dosed

When purchasing a scooter from EcoMotion, choose yo have your pneumatic tyres pre-dosed with Armor-Dilloz. Select from the pre-dose options above (8" Touring - Front Tubed Tyre only; 10" EMOVE Cruiser - Front and/or Rear Tubeless) and add them to your cart, along with your EMOVE scooter purchase.