Tyre - 14x2.5 Inch Tyre for EMOVE Roadrunner

Tyre: 14 Inch Pneumatic Outer Tyre for EMOVE Roadrunner

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Outer pneumatic tyre for the original EMOVE Roadrunner.

Requires an inner tube - 14"x2.125" (sold seperately)

  • Innova Brand. 14" x 2.5" Tyre (66-254).
  • Directional tread (Rotational direction indicated on wall of tyre).
  • Inflate to 35 - 45psi. 

A versatile tread pattern make this tyre suitable for cruising around town or light off-road adventures.

  • Pneumatic (Air-Filled) - Requires an inner tube.
  • Fits both front and rear
  • Ships as a single tyre.